BarEx media provides you with the ability to directly interact with your target audience through...more>
BarEx media provides you with the ability to directly inform your target audience.  Compared to the...more>
Take your interactive campaigns to the next level, begin communications with your target market...more>
Statistics show that when an interactive entertainment system is present, patrons spend more and stay longer.

BarEx media serves as a branded in-house promotional vehicle with a simpler user interface than similar products and you have control. This means that after BarEx media is installed, our clients can upload their own customized content easily and instantly. And we provide an extensive roster of banner backgrounds for customized advertising.

Bar owners can display a banner on the TV with their nightly drink specials and, as their customers respond, the BarEx media system can track exactly how many of the advertised drinks are sold and measure the overall effectiveness of the campaign. Advertise an upcoming event or promote drink and menu specials to optimize impulse buying.

BarEx media’s web controlled and password protected system features a full high-definition experience in either split or full screen format, various visual overlay effects and dynamic text feeds at zero additional cost to BarEx clients.

As part of our revenue enhancement strategy, BarEx media’s goal is to drive revenue within your establishment through the use of this new promotional medium.

Read our Complete Press Release: "BarEx Media is Changing the Game for Bar & Restaurant Owners"

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